Friday, February 23, 2018

Don't have much...literally OR figuratively!

   There isn't a whole lot to discuss this time around, but I didn't want to leave regular readers hanging too long between blog entries, and I wanted to mention a current bike listing, as well as a new project. I also wanted to complain about how poor my fitness was when I hit the road during a little tease of spring-like weather this week.
   This winter has just seemed eternal, with multiple doses of snow (although, thankfully just a couple inches at a time) and streaks of days with brutally cold temps, but I have remained fairly active, getting outside for skating, cross-country skiing and a couple of hikes. I have also gotten out a handful of times on my bikes and been on the indoor trainer fairly regularly, so I couldn't understand the level of "out-of-shapeness" I was feeling when I hopped on my Colnago and put in about 30 miles on on the Schuylkill Trail.
   Just a few weeks ago I went out with Sue and a few friends on the Chester Valley Trail and felt absolutely amazing - I have no idea what happened in between! I have had some nagging health issues that have caused some (more-than-usually) restless sleep, and I'm sure that can't really help.
   The most annoying result from the rides, however, has been some tightness in my lower back. I've had neck/shoulder problems in the past, but my lower back has not caused problems since I was in my mid-twenties. I've started to do some physical therapy, and I suppose I need to pay more attention to the core exercises that helped stabilize that area when I had my previous aches and pains.

   I'm a bit frustrated by how close I am to complete both the Gios-Torino and Peugeot bicycles, as I just need a couple (unfortunately crucial) parts. The Gios needs a bottom bracket, and I keep getting nipped at the end of eBay auctions. It seems that the Peugeot headset issue is that someone put a British-threaded headset on a French-threaded steering post. I have the appropriate part on order and just need to wait for its arrival.

   I heard from my friend Brendan, and we exchanged messages about a couple of possible future projects, including building up the Tommasini for which he had been gradually collecting parts. He also asked me to list the Benotto "Townie" bike on my FOR SALE page. Click here to see more detailed photos, but I've provided a quick pic below to refresh your memory:

   During my regular eBay searches, I found this really interesting early 1990s Columbus-tubed frame from a relatively unknown company, Scanini (the "U" stands for Ugo).

   The headquarters of the now-defunct company was in the small town of Beauvechain, located in the French-speaking province of Walloon Brabant, Belgium. I couldn't find out much more about the brand, and it's possible the company was started by Italian immigrants. However, it is more likely that, since many of the country's successful cyclists of that era were on teams riding Italian bikes, several of the area builders used Italian-sounding names. I am aware of Belgian companies Paganini, Cascarsi and Clemenso.
   Scanini shopped-out many of its racing frames - this particular version was assembled by Belgian Eddy Martens, whose "Italianized" last name became the company brand, Martelly. Scanini also contracted some frames with Italian company Billato, who also built for Ciocc, Battaglin and Concorde. The bottom bracket threading (British vs. Italian) is a simple way to distinguish the Scanini builder.
   I have a Campagnolo Chorus groupset, as well as a 3T stem/bar combo, waiting on the shelf for this one, and just need to acquire a headset, a pair of wheels and a saddle/post to finish this build.

Hopefully I'll have something completed by the next time around!